Jordan Peele's 'Candyman' Ruins 'Say My Name' For Destiny's Child's Fans

(Photo by Brenda Chase Online USA, Inc.)

"Say my name, say my name," Destiny's Child sang on their 1999 hit song "Say My Name," which came from their album The Writing's On The Wall.

"Say My Name" is now featured in Jordan Peele's remake of the classic film Candyman as well as in the movie's trailer, which has sent Destiny's Child fans and fans of "Say My Name" into a frenzy.

Many fans took to Twitter, stating that "Say My Name" will never have the same association as it once had, causing the former quartet to trend on the social media platform.

The Demon Bear on Twitter

He found a way to creepify "say my name". I have no choice but to stan

The two-minute and thirty-second Candyman trailer features four teenage girls who are in a bathroom and they recite Candyman five times in the mirror to see if the myth is true that Candyman will actually appear. The teenagers believe that the myth is untrue until they find themselves locked into the bathroom as bees begin to appear after they've attempted to leave.

An artist who has recently moved into the neighborhood begins taking photographs of the town's "old candy factory." A suspecting community member then calls the artist out and accuses him of searching for the infamous Candyman.

In the middle of the trailer, "Say My Name" begins to play, and it continues throughout the rest of the trailer but with distortion. The film hits movie theatres in June. In the meantime, it may be best not to "Say My Name" in the mirror.

Below, check out what fans have to say regarding "Say My Name" being included in Peele's Candyman trailer.

I said so on Twitter

So now I can't listen to Destiny Child's Say My Name anymore thanks a lot #JordanPeele

Nuttin' Nice on Twitter

Say My Name will never be the same... #candyman #churchofmisandry

IG:Gemini_Who♊ on Twitter

@JordanPeele has done it again ???????????? #candymanmovie then got say my name playing...only his amazing mind could connect the two and still creep mfas out

A Murder Podcast on Twitter

Great now I have to delete say my name from my Y2K jams playlist Because it's nightmare inducing...Thanks a lot.

Nerdist on Twitter

Destiny's Child's "Say My Name" has never been more terrifying. #Candyman

C.T. Phipps on Twitter

Candyman is an underrated slasher classic and I can't wait for this remake. I have high hopes for all the upcoming remakes/reboots. Props to also using Beyonce's "Say My Name." #horror

The Black Clark Kent on Twitter

Jordan Peele has already changed Luniz "I Got 5 On It" and now I'll never listen to "Say My Name" by Destiny's Child the same way again lol. Cabrini Green being gentrified is so accurate in today's society ???????? #Candyman #candymanmovie

spike spiegel on Twitter

The way @JordanPeele is able to mix these classic songs into Horror themed songs is SICK. First "5 on it" and then "Say my Name". I fucking love it. This type of stuff is what makes me want to start creating stuff or start writing.

Mel???? on Twitter

i'm excited but also fucking terrified and i really love how they put "Say My Name" into this trailer

Aggy Azealia on Twitter

Jordan Peele already creepified "I got 5 on it." Now he's coming for "Say my Name." Is nothing sacred anymore???