Social Media Reacts To Omarion Being Unbothered By Apryl Jones & Fizz's Relationship

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for iHeartRadio / Turner)

vfz__ on Twitter

Omarion really got an ice box where his heart use to be. His a whole mood.

People on social media recently had a lot to say about Omarion not responding to his ex-girlfriend, Apryl Jones's recent revelation. She is the mother of his two children.

Jones recently took to Instagram to share that Fizz, who is Omarion's fellow B2k band member and her new boyfriend, is the best person she's ever had sexually.

Apryl???? on Instagram: "."

282.2k Likes, 18.6k Comments - Apryl???? (@aprylsjones) on Instagram: "."

Jones and Fizz also both recently took to Instagram to make their relationship social media official. Below take a look at people's reactions on social media.

Petty Krueger ???? on Twitter

Omarion passing his baby mama to #lilfizz ????????????


♓️ on Twitter

Y'all musta forgot Omarion has an icebox where his heart used to be... #Omarion

PinkieEmerald27 on Twitter

Omarion to d bullshit ????????

Fudge A Title on Twitter


Mallhead the Poet!! on Twitter

As a doctoral student of psychology, I must study this man #Omarion and call it the IDGAF Theory ????????????????????‍♂️

Ebs ???????? ???????? ???????? on Twitter

Omarion is getting props for not popping off on the Internet over #Fizz and #Apryl? I'm sorry, is Apryl his possession? Why is he getting props for not openly being a weirdo?

Petty King on Twitter

I'm starting to believe that Omarion is so unbothered by what Apryl is doin because he [email protected]*ked Lil Fizz 1st!???? ???????? #pettyking #LHHH #lhhhollywood #lilfizz #Omarion #apryljones #moniece #b2k

laquita simmons on Twitter


Saleice. on Twitter

Someone said "it's no longer I'm unbothered, but rather I'm #omarion to the bullshit" and I felt that ????

Tell Kel Media on Twitter

The best revenge is seeking none. I think this is a tactic #Omarion and #monieceslaughter are both using. ???????????? #lhhh