Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Amazon Prime Now Offers One-Day Shipping On Millions Of Items

Amazon Prime members will now be able to get their online orders within one day.

The announcement came after the company stated it was investing $800 million into its fulfillment network to increase the speed of its standard Prime delivery, reports BuzzFeed.

The new one-day shipping option is available to Prime members in the United States and requires no minimum purchase amount.

It's only applied to 10 million select items, but Amazon plans to add more eligible products and expand its delivery locations.

Amazon will continue to offer Prime Now, same-day delivery, as well as the two-day delivery option.

The massive delivery company's US fulfillment network includes 110 fulfillment centers, 100 delivery stations, 20 air gateways, and 40 package sortation centers, which allows Amazon to deliver orders more swiftly and efficiently, according to a press release.

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